Refurbishment Or Demolition
Refurbishment Or Demolition

When working on site it’s imperative to know the relevant regulations relating to asbestos along with the legislation that affects asbestos in the workplace.

It’s estimated previous exposure to asbestos leads to the death of thousands of workers year in Great Britain, with those who carry out building maintenance, repairs or demolitions at a greater risk.

It is estimated 5,000 people a year are dying due to exposure to asbestos.

The Control of Asbestos regulations (CAR 2012) requires any owner of, or responsible for, a commercial property constructed before 2000 to be able to identify where asbestos could be within the building and ensure nobody disturbs it.

The site must be surveyed to identify where the asbestos containing materials are located. If a property is undergoing renovation works or being demolished, a more in-depth survey must be undertaken before any works are undertaken.

Current regulations stipulate, as a duty holder, there is the onus to:

  • Discover if asbestos is present
  • Create a record of type and condition of the asbestos and record its locality position
  • Assess risk of anyone being exposed to the asbestos
  • Prepare a plan tackling how to manage risks which must be actioned and monitored
  • Share recorded information with any person who may disturb or work on the asbestos