Contaminated Land Remediation
Contaminated Land Remediation

At Ensafe we have our own successful in-house laboratory, which is dedicated to ensuring samples are analysed professionally and promptly. With our team of laboratory experts, you are in safe hands and can trust us to ensure you are fully compliant.

Contaminated land is often the result of historic commercial and industrial use. Contaminated land poses risks to humans, water quality, properties and ecosystems and can cause considerable issues to land and potential future use of the contaminated area.

To determine appropriate disposal, removal or reusing of soil and avoidance of occupational exposure, the measurement of any asbestos in soil is a critical requirement. To ensure regulatory compliance is met, and the correct procedures are undertaken to determine the possible presence of asbestos in soils, samples should be analysed to identify the presence of asbestos. Analysis will determine the type asbestos present and in what quantities.

The presence of asbestos in ground and soils can happen in a variety of ways and the Control of Asbestos Regulations states that employers need to assess any potential exposure to asbestos faced by employees. Environment Agency regulations require the quantification of asbestos in soils is determined so that an appropriate assessment can be made in relation to hazardous waste handling arrangements and human health risk assessments.

Our experts specialising in contaminated land deliver a variety of services tailored to ensure safe solutions, Avoiding project delays. These services include assessments to identify asbestos in soils and contaminated land, extensive environmental site surveys, detailed reporting and remediation project management.

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