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Asbestos Project Management, Davy Markham, Sheffield

Reynolds Associates was appointed by their client to undertake the renewal of the building to a lettable standard for new upcoming tenants, in the building's current form there were areas of damaged ACM material that needed to be addressed for repair works to be completed.

Reynolds commissioned Ensafe Consultants to provide a full turnkey package from surveying, removal specification, tender, and project management services while the removal works were completed. As part of these works, Ensafe undertook quality compliance checks of the removal contractor.

Due to the materials being licensable the client required compliance support and guidance.


The factory comes with many challenges and risks, as there is still a vast amount of equipment present since the factory closed due to the company going into administration. They are currently undergoing sales of high-value assets. Some of the large engineering equipment is directly near where we are working and will need to be moved when sold. All companies working on-site need to take all of this into consideration, as it acts as an additional potential risk factor when planning risk assessments and health and safety procedures.

Our team have been on site since January 2020 and we have already completed some small areas of asbestos removal, as well as environmental cleans to areas to remove any potentially contaminated materials and pigeon guano.

The former boiler room of the factory has had all asbestos debris and residues removed, and works are now well underway of removing the industrial pipework which has pipe lagging. The pipes are at a high level and require a licensed scaffolder to be appointed. The removal contractor E4 Environmental was appointed by the client to undertake the services of the principal contractor.


Ensafe provided the client with a robust tender process which provided value for money to the client within their costing budgets and provided a fully compliant site which the Health and Safety Executive attended on a  few occasions and was very impressed with the site set up and how the site was managed.

The project will run until December 2020 due to the COVID issues that arose in March which stopped works for a couple of months, this in its self was a learning curve but Ensafe and E4 worked with the client to implement site COVID measures for one way systems, wash stations and temperature checks to get the site running again.

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