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Ensafe Consultants in Partnership with Stowe School

Ensafe Consultants are delighted to have been awarded the asbestos Management Survey and ongoing asbestos consultancy services to Stowe School. Stowe School is an independent school in Buckinghamshire situated in the beautiful surroundings of Stowe Landscape Gardens run by the National Trust.

The school opened on 11 May 1923 and is considered one of the most prestigious schools in the world with its own golf course, plus

  • 1000 acres of land,
  • top-end Science and Music facilities
  • and a stunning stately palace

The school has 15 houses: Bruce, Chandos, Chatham, Cheshire, Cobham, Grafton, Grenville, Temple, Walpole, Lyttelton, Nugent, Queens, Stanhope, West and Winton.

Stowe School has been based, since its beginnings, at Stowe House, formerly the country seat of the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos. Along with many of the other buildings on the estate, the main house is now a Grade I Listed Building and is maintained by the Stowe House Preservation Trust.

As part of the appointment Ensafe have also undertaken work at the partner schools, Winchester House and Swanbourne House Schools where we were instructed to undertake various refurbishment surveys ahead of planned work at those sites.

As part of one of the surveys of Winchester House, Ensafe’s Ecology division were tasked with conducting a pre-roost assessment and nocturnal bat survey prior to the refurbishment survey commencing. Ensafe have also now undertaken the project management of some minor asbestos removal from to the site in conjunction with one of our pool of Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors.

Given the age and construction of some of the buildings, various surveys have been challenging having to work around the Grade I listed status and liase with the Heritage Trust. The famed Queens Temple, for example, has a Roman mosaic floor that could not be disturbed during the survey and every care was taken during these surveys by our brilliant and diligent teams.

We are very lucky at Ensafe Consultants to be involved in such a prestigious local site and we are also very lucky to have our very own professional drone pilot who was allowed to shoot some incredible footage of the school and its surroundings, which you can see here.

For more information on the school please visit www.stowe.co.uk.



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