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Ground Remediation, Stanton Cross

Located on the eastern edge of the historic town Wellingborough sits Stanton Cross, an exciting new community. This new flagship development will offer opportunities to over 3,500 home buyers.

Ensafe were appointed by our client, Galliford Try, to support the completion of multiple infrastructure projects which are taking place ahead of the wider development of the Stanton Cross site. The initial project at the site was to complete the groundworks to enable the client to build a road as part of the infrastructure works.

Ensafe worked together to ensure the site was compliant and viable for development. The teams undertook project management of the asbestos and ground remediation works at the site. These works included all asbestos air monitoring and clearance testing, sampling and analysis of asbestos in soils, removal, and disposal of contaminated spoil piles and asbestos in soils, and the excavation management of the contaminated soil.

The excavation of the contaminated soil was completed down to a depth of 0.5m across the whole site to remove the top layer of soil as contaminated waste. The remaining soil was then screened to ensure it was fit for reuse on the site development. Further excavation was completed to 1.2m to enable the formation of the new road layout.

Ensafe’s ground remediation solutions meant the client was able to re-use the majority of the non-contaminated soil removed on other routes and infrastructure works across the site, which ultimately made the project cost-effective for the client as they did not have to purchase or bring soil in from other locations.

Our asbestos services also ensured the client was compliant with all asbestos regulations, thus resulting in a safe and compliant site to redevelop.


“Ensafe are a very ‘User Friendly’ and competent outfit. I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend to others. Indeed, have already done so.”

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