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Liverpool Street Station, Central London

Ensafe were commissioned to undertake an asbestos refurbishment survey by our long-standing client, Bridgeway Consulting, to support the assessment of the condition of the roof structure of Liverpool Street Train Station in Central London.


Our dedicated asbestos experts undertook a 15-day asbestos survey, ensuring all specific requirements set out by Bridgeway Consulting and Network Rail were adhered to. The team undertook an initial scoping visit which was followed by a formal walk around to inform a proposal of works for the client.

The initial asbestos investigation was carried out by a 2-person survey team over the course of 10 days. A few weeks later the team undertook the asbestos sampling, which due to health and safety constraints meant the team were not able to work from height whilst the train station was in use.

Therefore, the asbestos sampling had to be undertaken during a short 3-hour overnight window, over the course of 5 nights. All Ensafe equipment had to be tethered to minimise risk of injury and employees had to follow stringent procedures set out by Bridgeway Consulting, Network Rail and the Liverpool Street Station Interface Manager to collect the samples.


Ensafe completed a final asbestos report with recommendations for managing the low risk asbestos that was found on site. Ensafe will continue to support the client with our cost effective and flexible services should the asbestos require removal.


Ensafe worked collaboratively with the Bridgeway and Network Rail project management teams to liaise with the Liverpool Street Station Management team. A methodology was developed to allow safe completion of the surveys in full whilst maintaining full operational capacity of the station. Works were completed safely to the NR client satisfaction and with minimal impact on the station. My thanks to Steve Finch and the team at Ensafe for delivering this survey professionally.

Keith Boyd, Principal Project Manager, Bridgeway Consulting Ltd.

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