Middle Temple, London
Middle Temple, London


Middle Temple is one of four ‘Inns of Court’ that holds the authority to exclusively call their members to the English Bar as barristers. Located in the wider Temple area of London near the Royal Courts of Justice the chambers sit right at the heart of the City of London on the banks of the River Thames. Once headquarters to the Knights Templar & the Knights Hospitallers, Middle Temple is steeped in years of great history.

When approached by the Head of Facilities in the wake of the end of a contract with their former asbestos management supplier Ensafe jumped at the challenging yet great opportunity to take on some asbestos works at this prestigious estate. Middle Temple owns over 40 buildings many of which are listed buildings whereby renovation work can sometimes be restricted, however not all are listed with some bearing a more contemporary design as they were built to replace former buildings that were destroyed during the blitz in World War II.

Ensafe’s initial task was to undertake a desk top review of the existing asbestos information whilst working alongside the estates team to facilitate any planned works or reactive maintenance by completing R&D surveys and sampling where required. Once the desk top review was complete a program of new asbestos re-inspections and audits to validate the initial findings were scheduled. The re-inspections and audits brought to light some anomalies which required further investigation and resulted in new up to date Management Surveys being commissioned.

Once gathered the new information was uploaded onto an online asbestos register and database for the client to view remotely. As part of our offering we also provided asbestos awareness training which saw us educating Temple staff on the properties of asbestos, it’s effects on health, the different types of asbestos, asbestos materials found in their buildings and the associated procedures to ensure the safe management of those materials. To make certain our client was not only well-informed on asbestos but with the online register as well we accompanied the asbestos awareness course with training on how to use our asbestos portal also.

Once we had collated robust asbestos surveys information, we were able to work with the client to update their overarching asbestos policy in conjunction with their revised asbestos management procedures and any required emergency plans.

The surveys also highlighted areas which required remediation. After consolidating this information Ensafe assembled comprehensive asbestos removal specifications which were then tendered out on behalf of the client to achieve best value. Ongoing asbestos management is now being undertaken by Ensafe with re-inspections happening annually and remedial work carried out as & when required. With the knowledge gained from our training the client is now also proactively removing asbestos from it’s building to reduce the amount of asbestos containing material present on site and associated risk.

Through Ensafe’s knowledge and guidance Middle Temple have achieved compliance without complication.

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