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The Business Research Centre Asbestos Project

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) is a centre of building science with the main research centre based in Garston, Hertfordshire. It is owned by the charitable organisation the BRE Trust, and, was once a former UK Government national laboratory that became privatised in 1997. BRE was first founded in 1921 as the Building Research Board as an effort to improve the quality of housing in the United Kingdom.


During the Second World War, it was involved in the confidential research and development of the bouncing bomb used in the Dambusters Raid of 1943. A small-scale model of the dam was created for testing and can still be found at the centre today.

Nowadays, BRE provides research, advice, training, testing, certification and standards for both public and private sector organisations in the United Kingdom and abroad. Their aim is to make the built environment better for all and ensure communities are safe, efficient, productive, sustainable and enjoyable.

The site in Garston is a fabulous mixture of different buildings, each with a different purpose. The Burn Hall is used to test the fire properties of different building materials, the Structures Lab tests the tensile strength of proposed foundations and building materials, while the Wind Hall has a large wind tunnel where small-scale models of proposed buildings can be tested to ensure that they do not create an unnatural wind flow. The 70-acre site contains many other buildings all constructed at different times and presenting their own individual challenges.

Ensafe Consultants were asked by BRE in 2015 to review their asbestos compliance and devise an asbestos management strategy. Over the last 6 years, Ensafe have undertaken new asbestos management surveys of all buildings, removed and remediated high risk items and ensured all asbestos information is hosted on our on-line client portal. All maintenance staff have received the appropriate training and the asbestos policy and procedure has been updated to bring all requirements in line with current legislation and guidance.

Where applicable, asbestos refurbishment surveys are undertaken ahead of any proposed works and asbestos removal projects instigated to remove or remediate any asbestos that may be disturbed by such projects. All remaining asbestos containing materials on site are regularly re-inspected and the on-site asbestos registers, management plans and client portal are kept up to date, ensuring continued compliance.

During a recent asbestos removal project, the client kindly let us fly a drone over the site giving some spectacular views of the bespoke buildings and surroundings of the site.


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