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A day in the life of a Geo-environmental graduate at Ensafe

After completing his Masters in Environmental Science at Newcastle University, Brandon joined the Ensafe team as a geo-environmental graduate.

What are you involved in on a day-to-day basis?

Day to day tasks can vary with a typical week including 2 or 3 days on site. Typical tasks during ground investigations on site include supervision of drilling works, groundwater or ground gas monitoring, water sampling, soil logging /sampling and carrying out in-situ geotechnical tests.

My time in the office also varies. So far, I have been involved in the writing of Phase 1 reports, fee proposals and assisting with the production of larger interpretive reports by carrying out desk study tasks for my colleagues.  

What types of projects and clients have you been working with?

In the five months I’ve been with Ensafe I have worked on a range of projects. Some of the larger projects include a high security MOD site, the redevelopment of exhibition halls in London and water sampling at a prison site which is under construction.  In addition to these larger projects, I have worked on smaller scale projects such as the geotechnical ground investigation at Solent Airport and ground investigations for residential developments in London. These projects have been for an interesting variety of clients from the MOD to local councils.

What have you learned since starting your career at Ensafe/ have you come across any challenges?

Since starting my career at Ensafe I have gained an improved understanding of how an environmental consultancy operates - from working on ground investigations through to  submitting the final report. Specific to the geo-environmental role, I have developed and improved my technical skills on site (e.g. soil sampling, monitoring, and logging) and improved the skills required to produce a successful report e.g. data handling, analysis and report writing. I have also undertaken a few training courses including the emergency first aid course and temporary works co-ordinator training. Both courses were delivered in-house by Ensafe staff and were really interesting.

The Geo-team frequently encounter difficulties/challenges during projects, so my colleagues have been really helpful when I have needed to adapt to and overcome any problems I’ve come across.. The work I produce is always reviewed with the senior consultants providing really useful feedback for improving the standard of my work.

Have you been exposed to as much work as you thought?

In the 6 months I have worked at Ensafe I have been involved in many more projects than I anticipated before starting. My role within these projects has also varied more than I expected, I have carried out a wide range of tasks and already developed many new skills and gained valuable experience!

Has working at Ensafe developed your confidence?

Yes – Having worked on many different sites with different clients I have developed a range of skills and gained valuable experience which has definitely improved my confidence in my work. The Geo-Environmental team have also been really helpful with any difficulties I encounter both on site and in the office, which has also helped develop both my skills and confidence.

Would you recommend Ensafe as a good place to start your career?

Yes – The range of projects and tasks I have been involved with have provided me with excellent experiences in the first 6 months of my career at Ensafe. Ensafe offers a range of training courses that focus on individual professional development which is really helpful when starting out in your career.

The Geo team in particular have been really welcoming and I have learned a lot from all of my colleagues that I have worked with. Despite the team being spread across the country it is very well connected - I have already got to know and enjoyed working with my colleagues in the southern, northern and Scotland offices.

How would you describe your experience at Ensafe in 3 words?

Diverse, challenging, technical.


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