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Andy Thornhill Celebrates 10 Years With Ensafe

Throughout our time trading, the Ensafe family has certainly grown and continues to grow, and it is great to see our long-standing employees are still continuing this incredible journey with us. This month will mark ten great years of service for our reporting manager Andrew Thornhill.
Andrew returned to Ensafe as a report writer in September of 2010 after being diagnosed with MS. Having previously worked as a surveyor he was already aware of Ensafe’s core principles and values and how as a company we like to work hard and play hard.

In the past ten years, he has progressed from a report writer to the reporting manager, and he states although the journey has been challenging it has also been fun. Whilst managing our reporting department Andy also acts as a liaison between our software providers ensuring all elements of our online operations run smoothly.

Andy states: Each day brings its own challenges, whether due to my MS or work, however, I take comfort in knowing I have the full support of the business and my team. With this support, I’m able to do my role without worrying that it could affect my MS. I truly feel part of the Ensafe family and I'm keen to help the business grow.

Ensafe are keen to invest time in the workforce to allow them to progress and work to their full capabilities. If there was ever any doubt on how Ensafe value their workforce the way in which we’ve been looked after and reassured throughout this pandemic certainly eradicates any doubt.

I look forward to the coming years and helping Ensafe grow and the challenges that will bring.”

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