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Asbestos: Health and Financial Risks Webinar

We are delighted, on behalf of the CIOB, to present an online CPD Talk on the wider issues around asbestos, with a focus on the two primary risks; Health and Financial.

The talk takes place on Wednesday 18th November, 2-3 pm, and is free to attend.

The topics being covered within this presentation include;

  • History of asbestos
  • Analysis of the materials
  • Video material showing how it was marketed
  • The uses in construction & bizarre uses also
  • Video material on residential uses
  • Asbestos in soils/land
  • Survey types
  • Health effects
  • Video of health effects

Followed by a Q&A at the end of this session.

From the perspective of health risks, it is widely accepted that asbestos is the largest industrial killer by far, and is the HSE's number one priority. It affects around 5,000 people annually in the UK and is still a significant health risk to construction professionals.

The purpose of this CPD is to raise the profile of the refurbishment works that are taking place across the UK and ensure all parties are aware of the legislative context, timescales for instructing surveys and being more aware of the necessity to provide plans, drawings and scope of works for projects. A pre-start walk-through and familiarity with the likely access issues is also to be encouraged.

The presentation includes relevant HSE data, images of asbestos products, video material, and practical guidance for construction professionals.

The financial risks arising from asbestos within buildings or land can be considerable also. Aside from negative equity arising when a purchase is made without considering the extent to which asbestos is present, there are other issues, including the Rebuilding Cost from an Insurer's perspective, and the cost to adapt the building.

As an example, it is entirely possible that two buildings of similar size and cost could present a totally different risk scenario. Whereas one building may cost slightly more than the other at market rates and contain no asbestos risks, another might seem more financially attractive initially and contain considerable and costly asbestos risks. This presentation will explain how best to avoid a negative equity issue of this type.

Second to this is the current trend toward purchasing vacant properties which could be adapted to a different use, or split into various retail or industrial units. The risks arising from no survey or a poor quality survey in this situation can be substantial.

With what seems like a wide range of survey options, it is always worth gauging the quality of the survey report by ensuring the organisation is UKAS Accredited (without which many lenders won't assist) and secondly that the organisation has experience in that type of survey.

Dilapidations, properties damaged by water or fire, and those affected by long-term vacancy can contain risks that are not immediately apparent.

In this talk, we will address some of the ways to avoid those risks and take questions from any sector on issues that affect their day to day functionality with such buildings.

The bigger picture for any construction or property professional is to ask themselves some key questions; Why take the risk(s)? What protections do you have against asbestos fibres? What changes can be put in place to reduce your health and financial risks?

Register here to attend this FREE event.

If you have any questions about projects or transactions and would prefer a confidential discussion, please call our Client Relationships Manager John Toms on 07557 552 791 or email: [email protected]

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