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Avoid Unforeseen Costs in Your Developments

Pollution & climate change are issues on everyone’s mind, as global temperatures and sea levels rise, weather patterns become unpredictable, and water becomes scarcer in more regions there is no greater issue facing our global community.

However, these conditions are all tangible, we can feel temperatures rise, see land being reclaimed by the oceans and view news reports of severe weather around the world.

There are hidden effects of other pollutants that can affect populations that often go unreported. Air pollutant such as, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter caused by transport, industry and construction projects plus noise pollution and vibration caused by construction and transport infrastructure – roads, rail and airports, together with industry - can both affect us in ways that for years we have been unaware of.

Inhalable particles, those smaller than 10 μm, often get trapped in the nose, mouth, and upper respiratory tract and can be associated with respiratory disorders such as asthma, tracheitis, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis and silicosis.

Environmental noise causes or contributes to not only annoyance and sleep disturbance but also heart attacks, learning disabilities, tinnitus and potentially hearing loss. At least one million healthy life years are lost every year from transport-related noise in the western part of Europe alone!

Understanding the affect of noise and air quality at an early stage of the land development process, in fact at the master planning stage, could see significant benefits for all those involved in the construction process. You could;

  • Mitigate against redesign or rebuild by optimising design at the master planning stage.
  • Avoid potential failed planning consent, reducing delays in the total project time.
  • Follow Pro PG: Planning & Noise guidance from the outset of the project.
  • Complete both noise and air surveys at an early stage with one supplier and reduce costs.
  • Simplify representations to local authorities.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the development have responded to the surrounding environment and contributed to improvements in relation to noise and air quality giving increased reputational benefits, that can be used in promotions.

Contingency costs in housing developments can be up to 10%, much of this contingency could be avoided with earlier planning. A development of 100 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes, as abroad average, can cost up to £30m, so a potential saving of £3m on a relatively small development.

Using a single supplier for both air and noise assessments at the master planning stage can significantly reduce development time and cost, increase efficiency and raise the quality of the final output.


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