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Common Causes of Land Pollution in the UK

When we hear about the devastating effects of pollution, we tend to think of air pollution caused by industries and vehicles.  The effect on our land is something which is less evident in our everyday life but is having a disastrous effect on our environment.  Land pollution affects the soil and the earth’s surface and is overwhelmingly caused by human activities. Here, we take a look at 4 of the most common causes of land pollution and what we can do about it.

Increasing Urbanisation & Construction

With the ongoing expansion of our towns and cities and an ever-growing population, comes significant effects on our environment.  Infrastructure has caused major changes to the land we live on. When completing new construction developments, there must be steps taken to minimise any negative effects.


Again, looking at the growing population, we find another one of the common causes of land pollution.  The demand for food has led to farming on a much larger scale often using toxic pesticides or fertilisers to grow crops. This is done to make sure farmers can grow at the rate now needed to sustain the population but results in contamination of our land and soil.

Sewage Systems and Nuclear Waste

Both systems result in leftover waste that damages the land. After sewage treatment, leftover waste is put into landfill and pollutes our environment. Material left over from nuclear plants is disposed of underneath the land to avoid harm to human health but this has a toxic effect on our land.


The more the population increases, along with consumerism, the more materials are created. This results in increased waste disposal and deforestation with harm caused to our land and soil, as well as other elements of the environment.


The effects of land pollution are harmful to our environment and can also impact health. Here at Ensafe, we help organisations with developments to limit the causes of land pollution with our geo-environmental and contaminated land services.  We also offer fully comprehensive ground remediation services to help you minimise risk and remediate land to aid development, from risk assessments right through to final verification.  We provide risk managed solutions while supporting our clients’ environmental, social and governance policies. 

Our geo-environmental services are available to our clients at all stages of a development. Find out more and get in touch about our contaminated land investigation, sustainable ground remediation and other geo-environmental services.


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