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Asbestos legislation, whilst easier to understand these days, is nonetheless cumbersome for some, even within the professional construction sectors.  At Ensafe Consultants, we understand that the process of procuring asbestos services can seem confusing, which is one of the reasons we wrote about it.

As a provider of a comprehensive range of health and safety solutions, we ensure our quality service is at all times based on Integrity, Authority and Independence, delivered through experienced, committed, and conscientious staff.

Our 25-year history is one of achievement in many areas, with pioneering solutions, solid deliverables, and reliable advice to our clients.

With UK wide coverage from our regional offices across the UK, we are ideally placed to provide a truly comprehensive service across many disciplines, for example;

  • Asbestos Services, including surveys, analytical, expert witness, training, and guidance
  • Health and Safety Training Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Geotechnical services
  • Acoustics
  • Legionella

We have always been able to engage with every sector of the industry, as well as the general public, to assist with the process of explaining, for example, what asbestos survey type is needed, when a survey is needed, and the reason for undertaking any asbestos survey. We regularly produce guidance to assist those requiring insight into what their duties entail, specific to asbestos compliance.

We also provide our clients with ongoing guidance and advice relating to their portfolio or project, ensuring they can achieve meaningful and safe progress in the knowledge that the compliance aspects are in safe hands.

Second to this is our focus on assisting our clients with what might initially seem like financial advice or guidance relating to the potential for negative equity when they are in the process of acquiring property. You can read more on that subject here.

We would be delighted to offer a complimentary consultation or 1-hour CPD to any business requiring clarity - or a gap analysis - of their estates, or indeed in relation to acquisitions or projects.

Confidentiality is always assured.  We embrace the information, retain it, and provide you - and only you - with the answers.

For more information, please email your contact details in confidence to: [email protected] and we'll call you straight back. No sales pitch, no time wasting. Just straight analysis and guidance, upon which you can rely, wherever you may be in the UK.

We're here, whenever you need us to provide Compliance Without Complication.

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