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Ensuring Your Project Meets UK Air Quality Standards

Poor air quality has serious implications and can lead to chronic conditions like cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.  This is currently one of the biggest environmental risks to public health in the UK and can lead to reduced life expectancy (gov.uk).  It is seen as critical therefore that UK air quality standards are complied with and that as much as possible is done to reduce these risks.  The construction and development sector has historically been a major contributor to poor air quality and is currently looking to be a part of the solution going forward.

If a business or developer is submitting a planning application within 350 metres of people and/or properties, an air quality assessment needs to be undertaken and actions must be taken to reduce impact as much as possible.

Some of the main causes of air pollution include vehicles and machinery (particularly those with diesel engines); materials which may be present where buildings are being demolished such as asbestos and radon; any dust generated from concrete, cement or stone; and any toxic materials which are present.  It is important to consider where possible that pollutants may be generated at each stage of construction and therefore to think about how these risks can be minimised or mitigated before submitting planning applications. 

There are UK air quality standards to comply with, as well as guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation for limits for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.  Businesses are required to follow regulations to ensure they are not having a negative impact on the environment, or on public health.  At Ensafe, our air quality assessments ensure your business is fully compliant for both commercial and residential developments.  Our team of experienced consultants will carry out assessments to determine whether a site is suitable to use and how pollutants can be mitigated.   

As well as air quality assessments, our air quality service includes dispersion modelling, air quality monitoring, odour assessments, mitigation advice, expert witness, policy advice and SCAIL assessments.  These services will support your planning applications and ensure compliance, following UK and international guidance and legislation.  

Contact us today to discuss your project with our experienced, knowledgeable air quality team and to request a quote.



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