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Flooded With Danger - Navigating The Asbestos Risk

Flooding is a relatively common occurrence here in the UK, often causing widespread damage to your property and assets. You may not know but, Asbestos Professionals have an important role to play in advising and assisting clients when this unfortunate situation arises.

When considering the stripping out and drying of properties, in either commercial, domestic or industrial buildings, you must think carefully about the impact of exposure and release of asbestos fibres. It is important to remember that all properties built pre-2000 could contain asbestos in some form.

It’s highly likely, Restoration Contractors may be appointed by insurance companies to assist with stripping out wet building materials and drying of the structures.

The main concern is the manner in which this takes place, as the removal of wet contents (potentially contaminated items) or stripping the water damaged construction materials and installation of drying equipment, is fairly common practice. Unfortunately this is often not preceded by an asbestos survey and this is where the initial danger of exposure sits.

Aside from the potential for prosecution for not having an adequate and comprehensive Refurbishment Survey, the HSE will also want to know whether those tradespeople, often including surveyors, architects and engineers, have received formal asbestos awareness training, again, another legal requirement for almost everyone aligned to the construction industry.

So, what should insurers, brokers and loss adjusters be doing?

  1. Checking and Verifying that contractors have received asbestos awareness training is crucial.
  2. The HSE perspective is simple; the works Cannot Proceed without a risk assessment in the form of an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey.
  3. If no Refurbishment Survey is present, then appoint an Experienced and Independent Asbestos Consultant who can support and guide you through the process.
  4. Although highly intrusive, this type of survey is intended to prevent people working or living at the property being affected by unplanned and potentially deadly exposure to Asbestos.
  5. Utilise the Expert Advice and Experience of your appointed asbestos consultancy to help tender, plan and project manage any subsequent removal works required.

This creates an environment in which the property is safe to work and install air blowing units and moisture extraction equipment. Therefore, it is of vital importance, the Construction Design and Management coordinator, surveyor, architect and loss adjuster ask for a site-specific asbestos refurbishment survey before undertaking work that involves disturbing the fabric of any building constructed pre-2000.


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