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Growth & Expansion for Ensafe

Although some may already be aware through posts featured on our social media channels and via emails, we are pleased to announce that we have some very exciting news to share with the world! Due to the hard work of our employees and the continued growth of the company, we are in the process of securing and opening a Northern Regional office. This new development comes in the wake of Ensafe taking on several new projects located in the north of England, requiring resources and staff to be distributed accordingly. As such we have appointed a new Regional Operations Manager who boasts a wealth of experience in running regional offices within the asbestos industry and with her expertise will manage our northern efforts and help facilitate the growth of our presence within this region.

We are working towards securing this office between Leeds and Manchester with good links to both the M1 & M62. We hope that by securing an office in this location, not only will we be able to enter the northern asbestos market but we will also be able to complete all northern operations with northern teams which will reduce our carbon footprint and reduce nights away from home for some of our staff.

This theme of expansion doesn’t just stop there either as we have recently acquired a wholly owned subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland. The story behind the need and purpose of this office is very similar to that of the one in the north – with a pipeline of new work from both new and existing clients we’ve identified the ROI as a fantastic location to further extend Ensafe’s operational capacity supporting several of our clients operating within this region.

There are a few benefits that this growth and expansion of offices will present. One major and very clear benefit is the new employment opportunities that will come as a result of our development – both externally and internally also. In addition to this, the pipeline of work secured for the rest of 2019 into 2020 will give new and existing staff the chance to work on a number of different projects broadening both their knowledge and skill set.

Arguably the greatest competitive advantage of opening regional bases is the ability to capitalise on economies of scale. As we continue to increase our service output locally, we can work towards rationalising costs to achieve more favourable purchasing terms and marketing benefits. Furthermore, business development and growth will enable us to increase our resources, expertise, and reach into new markets and customers whilst simultaneously working towards reducing delivery times, thus making operations more efficient for both our clients & staff.

With all things considered, it is an extremely exciting time at Ensafe Consultants as we continue to work towards manifesting our ambition as the number one consultancy provider in our market.

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