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Overcoming Health & Safety Compliance Challenges at Work

One of the most important parts of a business owners’ responsibilities is getting health and safety protocols right.  Firstly to ensure the safety of your employees and customers, secondly to make sure you are abiding by legislation and finally, to rest assured that if anything does happen, everyone knows how to deal with it in the best way.  The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that every employer must enlist at least one competent health and safety person to assist in complying with their statutory duties under Health and Safety Law.  This can be a costly hire for a business and there are many complex challenges that a health and safety officer must deal with.

Identifying Risks 

One main challenge faced by the appointed competent health and safety person is to identify risks in the workplace.  Some risks will remain fixed over time, such as the handling of certain materials or equipment.  However, with ever-changing work environments, new risks will appear and existing risks will change in nature. Having core risk assessments alongside workplace policies and procedures will make new risks easier to spot and ensure that staff know the correct processes to follow when dealing with potential risks.


Keeping Employees Informed

Health and safety documentation should be available to all employees and they should be aware of the risks assessments, policies and procedures that relate to their job role.  Any new or updated documentation should be communicated effectively to all relevant employees.  This makes sure that staff are aware of all necessary information to complete a job safely, competently and legally.  

Documentation can be stored digitally, as hard copies or both but it is important that they are accessible to all employees and that you keep track of these being read and understood.  Failing to keep your employees informed puts both them and your company at risk. 


Staff Training

A competent health and safety person can identify any training needs within your workforce that will add to risks in the workplace.  This could include training on the handling of COSHH products, asbestos training and machinery operation.  Training employees appropriately reduces risks and complies with legislation.  Training should be documented and updated as necessary.


Dealing with Accidents

Even when all regulations are being followed and staff training is up to date, accidents are still possible.  It is important to have the right processes in place to deal with anything that does happen.  You should have an accidents book in which employees and employers are required by law to record details of incidents at work.  These reports allow your competent health and safety person to review procedures and risk assessments and add any missing precautions that should be taken to prevent recurrence.  It can also be useful to have frequent reporting to ensure nothing that should have been reported is missed. 


Making mistakes in terms of health and safety compliance can be costly for a company and dangerous for employees and the public.  You can lose work and damage your reputation by not having effective systems in place.  Using our competent health and safety person service is more cost effective than hiring a full time Health and Safety Manager.  We will provide you with practical solutions to comply with Health and Safety legislation; maintain a safe working environment for your employees and reduce absenteeism and disruptions to your operations.  Contact us today to find out more and you will also receive a discount on all our training courses to fill any skills gaps in your team.  


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