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Providing compliance without complication is our forte

As one of our established clients, we’ve carried out ongoing works across multiple Poundland sites to ensure the safe management of any hazardous substances on site. Like with all our clients we have built a close relationship with Poundland assigning them their very own designated account manager and operations team to manage their programme of works ensuring that all work runs smoothly and is delivered on time also.

We’ve undertaken a number of tasks and have delivered a completely bespoke scope of works to this client to ensure all their needs were and continue to be met. Through the implementation of our asbestos database management tool, we have provided Poundland with an online portal where they can manage reports generated from inspections and keep track of all work that has been carried out. To add to this, we have also provided Poundland with asbestos awareness training along with asbestos removal management which their head of facilities described as being “delivered to the standards agreed”.

With consultancy being an area we specialise in this was another service that has been administered in our service offering with advice and legal support being provided throughout. Through the provision of our services, Poundland have been overjoyed with Ensafe’s overall performance expressing that all through the process the quality of work/services and supplies along with our management systems have been “Very good”.

Working with this client has been a pleasure and has led to their Head of Facilities going on to say the facilities department have been “Really impressed with the professionalism, expertise and can-do approach of Ensafe. Everyone we have interacted with so far has wanted to give us the best service possible. The Ensafe team have always been available when needed and delivered to the standards agreed. They have made it easy for us to embed a partnership approach to managing asbestos.”

We hope to continue a positive working relationship with this client and maintain our promise of delivering compliance without complication.

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