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Screening Of Agricultural Air Emission Impacts On Ecology Sites

Ensafe Consultants are proud to announce the addition of a new capability within the Air Quality division. The team have recently completed several assessments using the SCAIL (Simple Calculation of Atmospheric Impact Limits) tool in support of planning applications in the agricultural sector. The assessments considered the impacts of emissions associated with the expansion of existing dairy farms and increased livestock numbers.  

Under the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), permits are required for intensive agriculture to ensure compliance with relevel Air Quality assessment levels and odour control. As a result of this, there is a clear need for a simple solution that could be used for screening applications to determine if the environmental impacts are likely to be a problem or not.

The online screening tool is used to estimate the effect of nitrogen deposition and ammonia concentrations upon designated ecological habitats and the impact of Particulate Matter (PM10) and odour on nearby human receptors. The output of the SCAIL assessment provides an indication of exceedances of the critical levels and objectives upon appropriate locations and determines whether further detailed modelling or site-specific mitigation strategy is required.  

Ensafe Consultants can therefore now in a position to provide a cost-effective analysis of livestock installations and potentially reduce the scope of work required to achieve planning validation. 

Should you require an assessment using the SCAIL tool or require more information on our additional air quality services be sure to get in touch with a member of our air quality team on [email protected], 01694 878 190 or leave us an enquiry

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