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The London Plan - Air Quality

Poor air quality continues to pose a significant threat to people in the UK and is one of the greatest environmental threats to human health. In particular, exposure to fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) can cause diseases to both our cardiovascular and respiratory system, contributing to strokes, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As a result, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed air quality limit values for specific pollutants, including particulate matter, to provide guidance on an international, national, and regional scale to help reduce exposure to poor air quality and to safeguard public health.

The London Plan was adopted in March 2021 and supports the latest air quality guidance provided by WHO in line with Policy SI 1 “Improving air quality”. The Mayor of London is committed to improving air quality in London by achieving WHO limit values for particulate matter across all boroughs. In addition, the Greater London Authority (GLA), are requiring consideration of these values for particulate matter within all Air Quality Assessments.

Policy SI 1 ensures that all new developments within London are designed with the aim of improving local air quality, whilst simultaneously reducing the public’s exposure to poor air quality. The WHO air quality guidance will play a fundamental part in this, with comparisons against the particulate matter limit values required for all air quality assessments.

Here at Ensafe, we can ensure that your development satisfies the requirements of the London Plan and is compliant with Policy SI 1. In addition, we can ensure your development is contributing to the necessary requirements to support the improvement of air quality within London and to protect the health of future site users and the wider local community.

Take a look at the The London Plan here.

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Josh Jones - Senior Air Quality Consultant

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