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Value vs Cost

In this article, we're examining the link between Value and Cost, specifically within the asbestos sector.  It is perhaps worth restating that despite all the HSE warnings, repeated reference to the legislation, and mandatory training for the construction sector, asbestos is still the UK's No1 industrial killer. 

It is often concerning that young apprentices in the construction sector are mostly unaware of the extent to which asbestos was used, and the variety of products it was used in.  It is equally alarming that some construction professionals seem, on many occasions, to be unaware of the legal requirement to have received formal Asbestos Awareness Training, as well as the legal requirement to undertake surveys appropriate to the intrusive works they are planning in any pre-2000 constructed building.

Second, to this is the 'Cost' related mentality of procuring specialist asbestos services; a race to the bottom in terms of Cost is surely also a race to the bottom in terms of quality? 

The real cost of getting it wrong?  Damage to your brand, your personal and business reputation, a large HSE fine, and, ultimately, the health of you, your workers, and the general public.

What is the Value of something like asbestos services when bought cheaply?  Will it stand the test of time and be a robust platform for an individual or organisation to base their business or personal health on? 

The Value of something like Asbestos Awareness Training can only be determined by virtue of whether someone has applied that learning to their occupation.  In this context, the Value is surely determined by whether that training has reduced the potential for asbestos exposure; a huge benefit, far outweighing the cost. 

At Ensafe Consultants, we only provide Approved Asbestos Awareness Training, and we identify the sectors and precise occupations to ensure we are delivering something worthwhile and relevant.

The potential for the asbestos sector to provide continued high-quality expertise is governed, to a large extent, on attracting the right candidates who can be provided with the training and qualifications which ultimately protect construction workers and the general public from exposure.

In conclusion, the reason for asbestos cancers being responsible for around 14 deaths per day (in the UK alone), and the continued exposure risks can most likely be summarised thus;

1. A mentality based around compliance (ticking a box) and cost (lowest price usually wins) only;

2. An expectation that a 1-hour 'Awareness Course' available at very low cost online (often with no Q&A session) will be sufficient for preventing asbestos cancers in those joining or currently in the construction sector (including architects, surveyors, electricians, and plumbers).

So, what have we learned?  We hope readers of this article can comprehend the extent to which asbestos is still an issue and the reasons why cost should not be the primary factor.  Comparing what you have procured is critical, and more is available here.

For more information, or to receive a quotation for Asbestos Awareness Training, please contact us and complete our form, stating your location, industry type, and the number of people to be trained.  Equally, if you have had experience of procuring asbestos services at the lowest price and need to review what you've received, we'd be delighted to assist. 

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