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Why Do I Need a Noise Impact Assessment?

When planning a new development there is a lot to consider, whether the project is residential, commercial or industrial.  Initially, the team must consider factors like location, time frames, budgets and feasibility.  When it comes to applying for planning permission, you will require a lot of details about certain aspects of a development.  Depending on the location and the type of development, planning requirements often include noise impact assessments.

Noise impact assessments are used to anticipate the noise that will be caused by any construction works and what effect this will have on the surrounding area.  These assessments are often requested by planning departments at the proposal stage of a project. 

There are a number of negative effects on both public health and our environment that can be caused by excessive or persistent noise.  Noise impacts can cause stress, poor concentration and fatigue, as well as more serious implications like high blood pressure, tinnitus and hearing loss (Australian Academy of Science).

Noise can also have a negative effect on our wildlife. Animals’ ability to complete tasks like attracting mates, avoiding danger and finding food can be reduced with noise (National Geographic).  Because animals use sounds to aid or communicate these things, noise pollution can have detrimental effects, interfering with the breeding cycle and even contributing to the extinction of certain species.

At Ensafe, we can carry out noise impact assessments quickly and reliably to get your development off the ground.  We use the latest technology to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the necessary planning conditions. On both existing and potential sites, we can advise on acoustic design and mitigation strategies on a plot by plot basis.  To talk to our team about your development and the noise impact of your project, please get in touch today!


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