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House Building

As the housing crisis continues, the house building market is set to grow to £104billion by 2025, in addition, house prices are rising at the fastest rate for 18 years.

However, it remains crucial that developments are safe, compliant, sustainable, and consider the local environment and community.

Ensafe's End-to-End Environmental and Compliance solutions will help you at every stage of your project on both brown and green field sites.

During planning, our Air and Noise solutions help you to meet building regulations at the master planning stage, thus avoiding unnecessary costs later in the project.

At the demolition stage, our Asbestos and Geo-Environmental Services will ensure the site is safe from contamination ensuring the safety of your team and subsequent residents.

Finally the building stage, Ensafe will keep your teams as safe as possible with our Principal Designer, Health & Safety, and Ecology consultancy services. 

If your development is rural, urban or a city village Ensafe has solutions for you.

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