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Whether you require noise assessments for planning, noise at work assessments, or inputs to environmental permits, at Ensafe we have the expertise to ensure your developments are supported, your deadlines are met, and your planning permission is granted.

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers to assess the impact of noise exposure and minimise the associated risks for their employees. Before a project has even started, our noise modelling services can determine the suitability of a site for its proposed use and any noise issues that could subsequently arise. On existing sites, we can identify whether or not you are compliant with the latest planning regulations, while our expert witnesses can provide their professional insight for planning hearings.

Here at Ensafe, our experts have played a central role in many landmark projects across the UK, giving us extensive experience of working on both small-scale projects and major, multi-purpose developments, providing tailored solutions for every one of our clients.

Our acoustics services include:

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments – We can carry out noise and vibration impact assessments quickly and reliably, using the latest technology to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the necessary planning conditions. On both existing and potential sites, we can advise on acoustic design and mitigation strategies on a plot by plot basis.

Noise Modelling – Noise modelling is crucial for determining the potential impact of any noise, and finding the most appropriate and cost-effective mitigation solutions for any risks.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring – We offer baseline and compliance monitoring services to determine the location of any noise-sensitive developments and the potential for disruptive noise-generating activities.

Noise at Work Assessment – Our Noise at Work Assessments identify any potential risks to employees from noise exposure, ensuring your workplace is as safe as possible in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Construction Noise and Vibration – No matter the size of your construction project, our consultants can assess the magnitude and duration of any noise and vibration impact, and develop management and mitigation plans where required.

Architectural Acoustics – Ensafe provide sound insulation and acoustic performance requirements in line with the Robust Details Certification Scheme. Our architectural services also include room acoustics design for schools, court rooms, residential, offices and hospitals. We also offer mechanical services noise and vibration surveys, evaluation and control.

Expert Witness – Our expert witnesses can support both developers and objectors in all manner of inquiries relating to noise and vibration issues, using years of professional industry experience.

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