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Asbestos Air Monitoring

At Ensafe, we offer asbestos air monitoring as part of our full turnkey asbestos management services, ensuring you and your employees are safe both during and after asbestos abatement has taken place.

Microscopic asbestos fibres can be found in the atmosphere long after remediation has taken place and asbestos air monitoring is therefore crucial for detecting any particles. This air monitoring should be carried out by a licensed asbestos analyst, to guarantee you are fully compliant with health and safety and safety at work regulations.

We offer asbestos air monitoring for a variety of situations, such as after asbestos removal works or when asbestos-containing materials have been damaged. By measuring the number of fibres in the air, it can then be determined whether they are now at a safe level and if the room or building can be occupied again. We also carry out personal sampling on employees to ensure the correct personal protection is being used throughout the work.

To find out more about asbestos air monitoring or any of our other asbestos management services, get in touch and speak to one of our consultants.

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