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Asbestos Project Management

Here at Ensafe, we are proud to provide full-time monitoring and project management services to ensure safe asbestos removal and remediation for our clients.

As one of the UK’s leading fully independent asbestos specialists, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have the expertise to offer complete turnkey solutions for asbestos removal. By working closely with all of our clients, we can create bespoke asbestos remediation strategies to suit any requirement and any size project.

We take a highly proactive approach to asbestos project management, acting as our clients’ eyes and ears to ensure all paperwork is correct and up-to-date before any work can begin. Throughout the project we carry out air monitoring and work closely with site occupiers to answer any questions or queries, and, on project completion, we issue a statutory four-stage clearance certification, a full asbestos project management report, and an updated on-site asbestos register.

All of our project managers are trained to the highest standard and hold the BOHS proficiency modules P403 for asbestos fibre counting and P404 for air sampling of asbestos. These security vetted experts have a minimum of two years’ industry experience in a variety of environments including working at height and in confined spaces.

Asbestos Project Management Services:

  • Daily Asbestos Air Monitoring (Background, Reassurance and Leakage Monitoring)
  • Personnel Air Monitoring
  • Contractor Control
  • Program Management
  • Witnessed Smoke Testing
  • Enclosure Integrity Checks
  • Daily Site Logs
  • Statutory 4-Stage Clearance Testing
  • Certificates of Re-occupation
  • Updated Asbestos Register

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