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Asbestos Sampling

Before any asbestos removal or remediation can begin, we carry out in-depth sampling and analysis to provide every client with the most effective solution for them.

Asbestos sampling is an essential part of identifying whether asbestos is present within a material or product, as well as its quantity and type, from chrysotile and amosite to tremolite and crocidolite. At Ensafe, we are fully assessed by UKAS and accredited to ISO 17025 standard for the sampling of bulk materials for asbestos identification, so you can trust in us to provide a first-class asbestos sampling service.

Once they have been collected, our in-house laboratory capabilities allow us to analyse hundreds of samples per day, without compromising on quality, using a polarised light microscopy method to ensure we deliver accurate and consistent results. We also offer negative sampling, whereby we confirm that asbestos isn’t present within a material, something that can be of significant importance for sites due to be refurbished or demolished.

All of our expertly trained laboratory consultants hold the BOHS proficiency module P401 for the ‘Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples’ and operate under the Health and Safety Executive Guidance HSG248. The skill of our analysts means we can offer turnaround times from one hour to ten days, depending on the requirements of each client, aiming to provide them with a full comprehensive sample report as soon as possible.

To learn more about our asbestos sampling and analysis services, get in touch today, and speak to one of our consultants.

Ensafe laboratories are located in Manchester, Plymouth, Glasgow, Daventry, and Ireland* (*currently not yet UKAS accredited)

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