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Expert Witness Service

Our expert witnesses are highly trained to quickly identify legislation breaches in potential defence and mitigation cases, using their knowledge of best practices within the industry and their understanding of the strict guidelines of the expert witness role within the UK court system.

At Ensafe, we place great importance on providing our clients with completely impartial advice and a service with integrity, using the experience of our experts in a wide range of cases in areas such as:

Asbestos – it’s removal, contamination, and surveying.

Land Remediation – chartered experts in contaminated land & downstream facilities

Air Quality & Acoustics – specialists who are consultants to councils, developers and infrastructure projects

Geo – Environmental – providing expert advice regarding soil sampling &  geotechnical aspects of major construction sites

Our expert witness services include but are not limited to:

  • Advising on asbestos-related legislation including personal injury claims, contaminations of buildings/land, and breaches of regulation
  • Advising organisations of their duties under the current asbestos legislation
  • Advising on the technical aspects and regulatory requirements of land remediation and Geo-Environmental impact
  • Advising third parties, contractors and public bodies of the laws, legislation and measured outcome of environmental clean air & acoustic breaches
  • Reviewing witness statements
  • Assessing negligence
  • Writing up expert witness reports

To find out more about our expert witness services and how we can help you, get in touch and speak to a consultant today.

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