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Lead Sampling and Lead Monitoring

With lead paint still present in many older buildings, our lead sampling and monitoring services can offer you peace of mind before any demolition or renovation work takes place.

The presence of lead in the atmosphere is known to be incredibly hazardous. While lead paint hasn’t been used for decades, it may still be present in some buildings built before the 1980s on walls, radiators, and window frames. Lead paint does not pose much of a risk when intact, but if it starts peeling or chipping it can be potentially fatal.

At Ensafe, we provide a trustworthy lead monitoring service, to identify the presence of any lead in the atmosphere and where it may be coming from. This is complemented by our lead sampling capabilities, whereby our specialist analysts can identify the existence of lead in a material from our in-house laboratory, ensuring a quick turnaround time for all sample analysis.

Once lead monitoring and sampling work has been completed, if lead has been identified it is important to have it removed quickly and professionally, especially if disruptive work is taking place that could spread particles into the atmosphere.

Discover more about our lead management services by getting in touch and speaking to one of our expert consultants.

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