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As an employer, you must understand and manage the risk of fires, explosions and metal corrosion within your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees and members of the public close to your premises.

Under Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) 2002, it is the duty of all employers to identify any dangerous substances, including solvents, flammable or pressurised gases, paints, and dust from machining or foodstuffs, that may cause fires or explosions if not properly controlled. At Ensafe, our consultants can carry out professional and accurate risk assessments within your business, meeting BSI standards for health and safety management.

After a risk assessment has been carried out, we will create a tailored action plan for your company to help manage any dangerous substances through removal or control, as well as advising on procedures to be put in place, should any dangerous incidents occur. Our consultants can then provide comprehensive training for employees to make sure they are properly informed of the risks and measures that have been put in place.

To find out more about DSEAR regulations and how Ensafe can help keep your business safe, get in touch today to speak to our consultants.

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