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First Aid Training Courses

Ensafe’s training department offer multiple courses including First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work Requalification, Emergency First Aid and Mental Health First Aid that comply and are fully aligned with the current HSE regulations and standards.

All Ensafe’s first aid courses are delivered by our in-house trainers who provide you with the basic skills, knowledge, and competence to be able to effectively and quickly deal with the majority of first aid emergencies.

First Aid at Work – This 3-day course is specifically designed for people who require a more in depth knowledge of first aid, this is mainly aimed at individuals who carry out high risk activities, such as construction, manufacturing or logistics where significant accidents and incidents can potentially happen.

First Aid at Work Requalification - This 2-day course is for people wishing to renew an existing, valid First Aid at Work certificate. Please note that the requalification course is an intensive course designed for people whose certificate is still in date.

Emergency First Aid - This 1-day course is suitable for people aged 16+ who might need to provide first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work. Candidates will attain the skills and confidence to respond to a range of accidents and first aid emergencies they could encounter in a potentially low risk workplace such as office, retail or educational environment.

Mental Health First Aid – This 2-day course gives delegates the skills to be mental health first aiders. Delegates will get a deep understanding of what mental health is and what factors can affect wellbeing. The course teaches delegates practical skills to spot the signs of mental illness and gives them the confidence to step in and support a person who needs assistance.

For more information on the topics each training course covers please get in touch with the Ensafe training team on [email protected] or call 01604 878190.

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