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Quality and Compliance Consultancy

Compliance is the set of processes an organisation uses to ensure that employees and the organisation as a whole abide by internal rules of conduct and external rules and regulations. It may include your company’s written values, its ethics policy, the employee handbook, and policies for complying with your corporate obligations.

Compliance is important for the following reasons:

•It is part of your organisation’s duties to its employees and interested parties and you have a duty to comply with the law. Also if you use the resources of third parties you need to be able to assure them that you are regulating the conduct of your employees and that you are complying with applicable rules and regulations.

•It ensures you reliably build and maintain trust with others leading to repeat business. It also fosters a good culture within the business.

•It maintains your reputation and reduces reputational damage.

•It assists with setting out how the business will achieve its objectives increasing efficiency and effectiveness through effective training of employees ensuring they know how to carry out their jobs and effectively deal with difficult situations.

•It can effectively bring about long-term change by focusing on the ethics of your business.

•It enhances consistency and reduces errors.


Most risks and opportunities are generated internally, and compliance ensures these are visible to the business enabling the business to improve moving forward.

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